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What is utalic?

utalic is a cutting-edge visual app designer that enables you to create powerful, professional-grade software.

utalic features a powerful visual interface designer as well as a logic editor that lets you draw a flow diagram to define the logic of your app. It also includes a feature-rich javascript code editor for more advanced users.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, utalic has everything you need to turn your ideas into amazing software applications.

UX Design

User-friendly Interface

Experience seamless app design with utalic’s user-friendly visual app designer. Effortlessly create stunning apps with ease.

Low-Code Platform for Software & App DevelopmentMedical App, Developed by Low-Code
Low-Code Platform for Software & App Development


Intuitive visual workflow editor

Design efficient app logic with utalic’s intuitive workflow editor. Easily create and visualize complex processes in minutes.


Advanced JavaScript code editor

The utalic javascript editor offers a powerful coding experience for both client and server-side programming.

Low-Code Platform for Software & App Development

Connect to the world

With utalic, you can seamlessly connect your app to a wide range of other applications and services via RESTful APIs and OAuth 2.0 authentication methods. 

This makes it easy to integrate your app with the tools and platforms you already use, and opens up a world of possibilities for data exchange, user authentication, and much more. 

With utalic’s API connectivity, you can build powerful, integrated apps that can communicate and interact with other systems, services, and applications.

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