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Visibly faster

utalic's visual app designer makes it a snap to see the results as they are being developed.

Put your ideas into practice

You develop the logic of your app using code. And even what they create in the visual designer is converted into code.
utalic is not a dead end and there are no limits to your creativity.
Of course, utalic therefore also includes a powerful code editor, with which you do not have to compromise:

Ensure quality

Functions that suddenly no longer work after an update? Prevent this phenomenon with automatic software tests.
In utalic you can record any interactions with your app and check the results. Before you release an update, simply run all tests and make sure that everything you once tested in the past still works.

Good quality starts here

A good software project also includes well-documented source code.
Just follow the JSDoc standard to document your source code. utalic indexes these documentations and provides them clearly arranged.

Make Apps for the public

The projects created with utalic can be made available to the public directly via your own dedicated VServer.

Apps for Android and iOS can be exported as project files for the respective development environments of the platform manufacturers. Thus, you don’t have to bother with exporting and uploading certificates and don’t have to worry much about acceptance at the respective app store.

Windows and macOS applications can be compiled directly to get executable applications.

Why Low-Code?

Technology is moving fast

An app whose development period stretches over months or even years is already old as soon as it appears.

That is why it is important to focus on product design and complete development as quickly as possible.

utalic speeds up the work of your developers by 4 times! Time they can use for real innovations!


Established in the enterprises

78% of all companies already deal with low-code development

2 of 3

Delay at classic development

Two out of three projects in classic software development are delayed

One Tool fits it all

utalic replaces many tools, such as a design drafting tool, a programming editor, task management, documentation and numerous tools for deployment.

Faster Results

First results of the developments are visible very soon and show the decision makers if the development is on the right path.

High quality results

utalic is designed to create high quality apps. Numerous mechanisms ensure that problems are detected before the user does.

Easy to use interfaces

The UI elements were developed by experts with years of experience in user interface development. When using utalic, you benefit from this experience and you will create modern and easy-to-use apps.

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