Social Networks

Connect People and Communities with a Custom Social Network

The Power of Social Connections

In today’s digital world, social networks play a significant role in connecting people and businesses. utalic offers a solution for businesses to create their own custom social network with the built-in tools for user authentication, database connections, and various UI components. The visual app designer makes it easy for non-developers to create a professional-looking and user-friendly social network.

With the Workflow Editor, you can easily create complex workflows and logic without writing a single line of code. The Workflow Editor provides a visual representation of your logic, allowing you to see the flow of your social network and make changes quickly and easily.

Enhance User Engagement

Utilize the countless UI elements and style editor to create a visually appealing social network that will captivate users. The image editor allows you to easily edit and enhance images for a better user experience.

Multilingual support is also available with the translation manager, making it easy to expand your social network to a global audience. The Documentation feature helps to keep your project organized and makes it easier for others to understand your code, improving collaboration within your team.

Choose utalic to create a social network that connects people and businesses, and enhances user engagement.

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