Software Deployment

Bring your app to the users

Once an app is developed, it has to get to the customer somehow.

utalic supports the creation of apps for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux and for the web.

For each platform, utalic provides different tools to help you distribute your app in the best possible way.

Mobile Apps

For Android and iOS apps, you can export project files to utalic for the respective development environments Android Studio and XCode. These project files can then be opened with the respective development environment of the manufacturer. There you have the possibility to add certain resources (app icon, app descriptions, certificates etc.) and upload the app directly to Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Desktop Apps

Desktop apps can be exported directly from utalic as executable programs. There are .dmg, .zip and .exe files available.

Web Apps

To make the app available via the web, you can either export the created HTML, JavaScript and CSS files directly or use utalic’s Delivery Network.

For direct distribution via utalic you can add your own virtual servers within utalic. We will then host your app on your own virtual server, the size and performance of which you can determine yourself.

Backend Development

utalic can also be used to create server-side applications. These can be connected to the client app via REST API or WebSockets, for example.

utalic provides the necessary infrastructure to host these server applications. For this purpose, virtual servers of different sizes can be added, which can then be used exclusively by you.

To make the apps available via the web, the servers can be connected to your own domains. For this purpose, the desired domains can be stored on the server. The A-records are then set accordingly in the DNS settings of the domain. We have also integrated the storage of SSL/TLS certificates.

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