Visual App Designer

Create applications the visual way

Whether an app is accepted by users depends not least on whether the user interface is easy to use, self-explanatory and modern.

utalic already provides numerous modern user interface elements. So you can quickly develop powerful apps without much effort.

Besides the purely visual components, utalic also includes “non-visual components”, such as database connections, timers or user authentication. These can be easily connected to the user interface, so that no coding is required even for complicated use cases.

By using the visual app designer, even non-developers can create software. So-called “citizen developers” can design solutions specifically for their area of expertise and exploit their full potential.

utalic’s visual app designer enables an unprecedented connection between user interface and application logic. Although extensive user interfaces can be created quickly through the visual designer, utalic allows the application logic to be programmed in ECMA script. This means you are not limited to the functionality of the visual designer and can let your creativity go free.

  • countless UI elements
  • database connections
  • non-visual components for user authentication, timer etc.

UI Translation

Creating multilingual user interfaces can become a problem if you do not plan this task from the beginning.

utalic collects all texts used within the app and makes them available in the translation manager. From there you can define additional languages and enter the translations.

You can then change the language of your app with a single function call.

Thus, you are well prepared for the future, although they do not have to worry about the translation at first.

Image Editor

It often happens that you need to crop or scale image resources that you want to use in your app.

utalic includes a simple image editor that allows you not only to view the images, but also to edit them. Apply image filters, crop your images, scale them or add captions.

This allows you for simple graphics operations to be done all within a single software and you don’t have to constantly switch back and forth between development environment and graphics editing software.

Style Editor

Colors and fonts that you use in your user interface are defined in utalic in a separate stylesheet file.

You can then adjust the colors centrally in the style editor at any time. This means you don’t have to commit to specific colors from the start and can make changes at any time during the development process without having to manually edit all the design files again and again.

You can also define multiple styles to provide a dark or light skin, for example. But you can also use this feature to create multibranding apps.

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