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Multi-Cursor in JavaScript Editor

Multi-Cursor Feature in utalic’s JavaScript Editor

As a software developer, you know the importance of time-saving tools. utalic is a Low-Code platform that understands this, and that’s why it has added a unique and efficient feature – the multi-cursor functionality in its code editor. This feature can significantly improve the speed and accuracy of your coding.

The multi-cursor functionality of the code editor in utalic allows you to place your cursor at multiple positions at the same time. This is accomplished by holding down the Ctrl-Key (Cmd-Key on a Mac) while clicking at the desired position. This means that you can make changes to multiple lines simultaneously, saving you time and increasing your productivity.

For instance, imagine you want to make the same change to multiple lines in your code. Normally, you’d have to go through each line individually, making the change one by one. With the multi-cursor feature in utalic, you can place your cursor at all the relevant positions, and the change will be made to all the lines at once.

The multi-cursor feature is especially helpful when you’re working with repetitive tasks or editing code that follows a pattern. With this feature, you can quickly make the changes you need and move on to the next task.

In addition, the multi-cursor feature in utalic’s code editor is user-friendly and intuitive. It’s simple to use and doesn’t require any special knowledge or training to start using it.

In conclusion, utalic’s multi-cursor functionality in its code editor is a game-changer for software developers. It saves time, increases productivity, and makes coding a more efficient process. If you haven’t tried utalic yet, sign up for the free 30-day trial and experience this amazing feature for yourself. utalic’s goal is to provide developers with a platform that’s not only efficient but also user-friendly and enjoyable to use. Try utalic today, and see how it can help you take your coding to the next level.