Low-Code Editor

Design visual, code professional

utalic provides an unprecedented connection between user interface and application logic. Although extensive user interfaces can be created quickly through the visual designer, utalic allows the application logic to be programmed in ECMA script. This means you are not limited to the functionality of the visual designer and can let your creativity go free.

  • ECMA-Script (JavaScript)
  • Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Class Inheritance

Pretty, smart code editor

Since developing program logic via source code is an important part of utalic, we have included a professional code editor developers love.

The Code Editor is connected to the Visual Designer, from which you can open it. You can use the visual designer to associate functions with UI events.


Automatic Indent / Outdent

Search with regular expressions

Code Folding

Multiple Cursors

Live Syntax Checker

Translation Manager

When it comes to multilingual applications, storing string values from JavaScript can be a challenge.

utalic therefore provides a global translation function. Simply enclose your texts in the “T” function. utalic then makes the texts determined in this way available in the Translation Manager, where they can be translated by a translator together with the texts from the visual UI designer.

Task Management

There are things you can’t do right away. To prevent them from being forgotten, software developers can mark such tasks as //TODO comments in the source code.

utalic contains a task manager, which exports such ToDos from the sources and represents in a Kanban board. From there they can be categorized and prioritized by drag&drop. Of course, utalic then also updates the associated source files, so that the most current information is always available at any point.

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